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Visiting Calgary, Alberta, the gateway to the Canadian Rockies and home of the Calgary Stampede. Then you deserve the very best so come and stay at a leading Calgary Bed & Breakfast Accommodation.

Calgary Westways is a heritage home with Arts and Craft accents that offers exceptional accommodation within walking distance of downtown
Calgary and many Calgary attractions including the Pengrowth Saddledome and Roundup Centre within the Calgary Stampede Park.

The Traditions of Bed and Breakfast

The Bed and Breakfasts in the United States and Canada are unique to Bed and Breakfasts in other cultures in the fact that the US and Canada usually incorporate a historical twist into their guest’s stay. BnB’s are usually found around tourist destinations and the historical ambiance of the area is usually captured in the design, decoration, layout, marketing and branding for the Bed and Breakfast. The custom of opening one’s house to travelers has been familiar to the Americas since the 16th century and Colonial America. Lodging establishments were almost non-existent, and with the great expanse and variance of weather in the new territory it was almost impossible for travelers to secure proper lodging every night. Therefore, it became a tradition among local populations to care for wayfarers who might have otherwise perished in traveling through the new colonies. Today’s bed and breakfasts in these areas are much the same, travelers often stay in houses smaller than 10 rooms with accommodations for individuals. Many of the luxuries afforded at home are also offered at the BnB, from ironing clothes, hair dryers, cooking instruments and home-cooked meals. That is why many travelers prefer to stay in smaller BnB’s rather than the big hotel chains.

Bed and Breakfast Traditions in Other Parts of the World

On other continents, with other countries and cultures, the Bed and Breakfast doesn’t have the same appeal or the same popularity that we see here in the United States and Canada. For example, Bed and Breakfasts in the United Kingdom are usually seen as budget options compared to other accommodations such as hotels. Historically, this has meant that Bed and Breakfasts are usually found in the United Kingdom in specific areas that cater to lower paying patrons, such as seaside towns and fishing villages that saw an increase in tourist traffic. However, the historical appeal that is evident and familiar to us is not seen in these same houses. Instead, most BnB’s are seen as guesthouses and are rated based on the different types of luxuries offered within the room. In other parts of the world where tourism is a healthy and stable part of the economy, such as in India, the Ministry of Tourism is the largest promoter of Bed and Breakfast. With the unique landscape and territory offered by India, Bed and Breakfasts have a large appeal with foreigners who are looking for a unique and local experience that is impossible to achieve in their home countries.

Opposite of Canadian BnB? Phuket Bungalow

So if you came into the Calgary BnB and asked us how you could have a completely opposite experience that is offered from a BnB we would probably say a Bungalow in Phuket. While there are a number of similarities, to the types of rooms that are offered, the beds, furniture, bathrooms all could offer the same type of luxuries but that’s about where the similarities end. Phuket is technically an island, and Thailand’s biggest at that. A small bridge passes over less than a kilometer of ocean in the beautiful Andaman Sea to connect the island of Phuket with Thailand’s mainland. On the island, you can find gorgeous beaches, adventurous activities, friendly people and hot weather. The climate in Phuket probably accounts for the biggest different between a Canadian BnB and a Bungalow in Phuket. Bungalows are generally small, single story house-type structures. In Thailand and much of the South Pacific, the “Califonria Bungalow” is a popular design choice. That is because these houses are usually in a warmer climate and closer to the ocean in order to provide a free-air atmosphere for patrons. The weather in Canada doesn’t really allow for these types of houses to be built and most wouldn’t ever hold up the snow that falls! Luckily for us, travelling afford the opportunities to stay in beautiful and exotic places like Phuket and enjoy the many different bungalow housing options that are offered.

Special Offer Phuket, Thailand Vacation from Calgary Westways!

While the summer days are beginning to get shorter, we all know that winter is just around the corner. And even though it feels like Mother Nature hates us when it’s -20, winter is a sad fact of life that we all have to put up with. One lucky couple will get the opportunity to escape to warm, tropical weather in the gorgeous Andaman Sea on the coastal island of Phuket. Calgary Westways wants to have a competition to send one lucky couple off to a Tropical Island getaway in Phuket, Thailand. While all of us Canadians are here freezing in the depths of winter and limited sunlight, two individuals from the Calgary area will get the opportunity to experience deep sea fishing, kayaking, the infamous Vegetarian Festival and all of the wonders that are offered on the island of Phuket. So come on into the new Calgary Westways for your opportunity to win a once-in-a-lifetime trip around the world to one of the most beautiful countries with a revered and ancient culture. Thailand is truly a unique experience and Phuket will provide the perfect backdrop for your getaway vacation.

Nine Emperor Gods Festival Phuket, Thailand

During the 9th Lunar month of each Chinese calendar is home to the Nine Emperor Gods festival in Phuket, Thailand, better known to foreigners as the “Vegetarian Festival” as no meat is eaten during the month. The Taoist festival is celebrated all throughout Southeast Asia; however Phuket, with a very large Chinese population, takes the festival above and beyond other cultures. The festival in Phuket is split among two sets of participants, the “Je” who dress in all white and actively abstain from all animal products during the length of the festival and participate in parades, temple rituals and family gatherings. The Mah song are the other sets of participants and these individuals invite gods and spirits to possess their bodies. The Mag song further separate themselves from other participants with elaborate costumes and their brutally pierce their cheeks with swords, banners, machine guns, lamps, flowers, handguns, and just about everything else you can think of. Each Mah song has their own supporters to help keep their wounds and support heavier piercings. Anyone who is traveling to Phuket during the 9th Lunar month be sure to check out some of the truly awe-inspiring rituals that take place at this festival.

Typical Stay in Phuket, Thailand

Travelling to Thailand and most places in Southeast Asia will afford you the opportunity to interact and experience cultures and traditions that are incredibly unique to that area of the world. Everything from the food, the guesthouses, lodging, temples, churches, travel, accommodations, and language will be new and foreign to everyone who visits. Tasting your first traditional Pho, hiking among the Tonkinese Alps, exploring the beaches and islands of Southern Thailand are all experiences waiting just for you and your vacation. So whether you are looking for a Phuket bungalow, a Mountaintop retreat or a white-sand ocean, travelling the world and experiencing life outside of Canada is always exciting!

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